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Zoom! In-Office Whitening

It’s an unavoidable fact that, as we age, our teeth will gradually discolor and get darker. This discoloration can have many possible causes, including food and drinks, medication, illness, or improper oral hygiene.

But discolored teeth isn’t something you have to live with. We proudly offer the Zoom! Whitening system to give your smile back its beautiful, natural glow. The Zoom system is only administered in an office setting, where we can personally supervise the process. It will gently and effectively break down the stains that are discoloring your teeth, leaving them several shades lighter in a single office visit.

After your appointment, we will give you some post-treatment instructions. It’s important that you follow them, and take excellent care of your teeth so that your great results can be permanent. We also recommend occasional touch-ups using Zoom! Take-Home Gel, which we offer.

Teeth whitening is generally a very safe procedure, but as a precaution, we do not recommend it for pregnant women or children under the age of 13. If you have any questions about the Zoom system, please feel free to ask.

Take-Home Whitening

Take-home whitening is a flexible alternative to in-office whitening. Our office provides you with a kit that includes a professional-strength whitening gel and custom-molded tray, which we create to perfectly fit your teeth. The take-home kit allows you to apply the whitening and be in control of how often you whiten. The high-quality trays are durable and built for long-time use. To easily maintain your white smile, all you need to do is periodically refill the gel.

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Send us a photo of your smile and tell us what you want to change about it. We will contact you with the possibilities and you will receive a Free Consultation to discuss treatment.

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