All on 4, teeth in a day

Many, many people in the United States are familiar with both the blessings and curses of dentures. While they allow patients the freedom to eat and drink normally again and a great smile, dentures can also be uncomfortable and dislodge, sliding around in the mouth, hindering speech.

Dentures were generally considered the best option until dental implants came along. With the strength and security of dental implants, chewing function and speech could be reliable again, much like having your original teeth. However, replacing entire rows of teeth, or an entire mouth, with dental implants is very costly and time-consuming.

However, with the All-On-4 dental implant system, you can get the advantages of both dental implants and dentures, with little to no drawbacks. With All-On-4, four angled dental implants are placed in the corners of the mouth which act as specialized anchors for customized dentures. This gives you the strength and reliability of dental implants, while also being more cost effective and requiring much less surgical procedures than replacing every individual tooth.

When teeth are extracted from the mouth, the jawbone that anchored them eventually diminishes. In the case of entire rows of missing teeth, such as patients with full dentures, the volume of the entire jawbone eventually lessens until dentures fall out of the mouth. However, with All-On-4 dental implants, the implants prevent the bone reabsorption, ensuring your dentures are secure.

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